Interview 33: Carlanda Jones

Years editing: 11Job title: Manager, product safety communicationsJob description: Writes and edits consumer-focused content about chemicals and safetyLocation: Virginia EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?Prior to my current position, I worked as an editor on a contract with the US Department of Transportation’s Office of Railroad Safety, and I enjoyed that role. IContinue reading “Interview 33: Carlanda Jones”

Interview 23: Shara Pantry

Years editing: 4Job title: Part-time freelance medical writer and editorJob description: Writes patient education material; copyedits grant proposals and scientific manuscriptsLocation: Florida EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?My first copyediting job came from a listing on the job board of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). Currently, the majority of my medical writingContinue reading “Interview 23: Shara Pantry”

Interview 22: Otito Frances Iwuchukwu

Years editing: 8 yearsJob title: Pharmacist-educator (day job), consultantJob description: Teaches and conducts research in the life sciences; edits technical writing in the life and social sciences, business writing, narrative nonfiction, and children’s booksLocation: New Jersey EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I got my current job through a job board posting. I getContinue reading “Interview 22: Otito Frances Iwuchukwu”

Interview 20: Chris Obudho

Years editing: 15 yearsJob title: Owner of CJO Writing + Editing LLCJob description: Writing and editing technical and marketing copyLocation: Indiana EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I work with a broad array of clients to write an equally broad array of products, including blogs, product descriptions, press releases, articles, social media posts. IContinue reading “Interview 20: Chris Obudho”

Interview 18: Eilis Flynn

Years editing: 43Job title: Principal and sole proprietor of Flynn Books, Words & IdeasJob description: Freelance editorLocation: Washington State EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I had picked up freelance gigs throughout my career, so when I was laid off from the financial magazine I had worked at for more than 20 years, IContinue reading “Interview 18: Eilis Flynn”