Interview 17: Tia Ross

Years editing: 35Job title: Freelancer, business ownerJob description: Consultant, project manager, copyeditor (content, legal, technical), proofreader, writer, writing coach, and editor mentorLocation: Texas EXPERIENCE What copyediting training have you had, and what positions have you held?I was an insatiable reader as a child and teenager, and I remember studying the structure of books I read,Continue reading “Interview 17: Tia Ross”

Interview #4: Antonn Park

Years editing: 5 copyediting, 1 line editing Job title: Owner of Blue Flower Editing Job description: Primarily edit economic and financial papers and reports; other content areas: cannabis market research reports and criminal justice/law papers Location: Massachusetts EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job, and what positions have you held?I officially started my companyContinue reading “Interview #4: Antonn Park”