Interview 17: Tia Ross

Years editing: 35Job title: Freelancer, business ownerJob description: Consultant, project manager, copyeditor (content, legal, technical), proofreader, writer, writing coach, and editor mentorLocation: Texas EXPERIENCE What copyediting training have you had, and what positions have you held?I was an insatiable reader as a child and teenager, and I remember studying the structure of books I read,Continue reading “Interview 17: Tia Ross”

Interview 11: Melissa Brown Levine

Years editing: 9 years Job title: Owner and senior editor at Brown Levine Productions Location: Georgia EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I created my job after working in corporate America for several years. I always had a side hustle when I worked for other people, so the foundation for the move from employeeContinue reading “Interview 11: Melissa Brown Levine”

Interview 9: Tiffany Cole

Years editing: 9 years Job title: Editorial assistant of product development, Goodheart-Willcox Job description: Market research, copyediting and proofreading, manuscript reviews, and general administrative support for agricultural, child development, college success, and nursing textbooks Location: Illinois EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?When I joined Chicago Women in Publishing last year, I approached theContinue reading “Interview 9: Tiffany Cole”

Interview 8: Crystal Shelley

Years editing: 3 years Job title: Freelance editor Job description: Edit tech blog posts written by developers and engineers / provide line editing, copyediting, proofreading, and sensitivity reading for fiction authors Location: Utah EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I’ve been editing full time since 2019. Before that, I worked as a licensed clinicalContinue reading “Interview 8: Crystal Shelley”

Interview #6: Aliza Amlani

Years editing: 20 yearsJob title: Freelance editor and writerJob description: Update and refine technical, business, and educational contentLocation: Toronto, Canada EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I connected with two of my current clients via social media (one through a Facebook group and another via Twitter). I mainly work with guides, intranet content, andContinue reading “Interview #6: Aliza Amlani”

Interview #4: Antonn Park

Years editing: 5 copyediting, 1 line editing Job title: Owner of Blue Flower Editing Job description: Primarily edit economic and financial papers and reports; other content areas: cannabis market research reports and criminal justice/law papers Location: Massachusetts EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job, and what positions have you held?I officially started my companyContinue reading “Interview #4: Antonn Park”