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  • Malecia Walker

    We headline writers did SEO before search engines and before SEO existed.

  • Jevon Bolden

    After 14 years working as an editor for traditional publishers, I started a company and hired myself.

  • Pro Tips from Your Favorite Editors

    Editing is art and science. Editor Knows Best and Outside the Book have curated some tricks of the trade from your favorite word nerds.

  • Renee Clark

    Recent graduateMajor: Business AdministrationLocation: Florida What interests you about copyediting?One of the things that interests me about copyediting is the challenge of learning something new. About a year ago, I was itching to change careers and find something that was more fulfilling. While I was skimming possible courses to take — and different job boards…

  • Otito Frances Iwuchukwu

    Years editing: 8 yearsJob title: Pharmacist-educator (day job), consultantJob description: Teaches and conducts research in the life sciences; edits technical writing in the life and social sciences, business writing, narrative nonfiction, and children’s booksLocation: New Jersey EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I got my current job through a job board posting. I get…

  • Chris Obudho

    Years editing: 15 yearsJob title: Owner of CJO Writing + Editing LLCJob description: Writing and editing technical and marketing copyLocation: Indiana EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I work with a broad array of clients to write an equally broad array of products, including blogs, product descriptions, press releases, articles, social media posts. I…

  • Melissa Brown Levine

    Years editing: 9 years Job title: Owner and senior editor at Brown Levine Productions Location: Georgia EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I created my job after working in corporate America for several years. I always had a side hustle when I worked for other people, so the foundation for the move from employee…

  • Kaitlin Littlechild

    Years editing: 6 Job title: Editor, owner of Kaitlin Littlechild Editing Job description: Edits reports, business and health publications, marketing material, web content, and academic work Location: New Brunswick, Canada EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I currently work for two different companies and run my own editing business. Networking played a pivotal role…

  • Maisha Maurant

    ACES executive committee member Maisha Maurant discusses editing in the healthcare arena.

  • Aliza Amlani

    Years editing: 20 yearsJob title: Freelance editor and writerJob description: Update and refine technical, business, and educational contentLocation: Toronto, Canada EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?I connected with two of my current clients via social media (one through a Facebook group and another via Twitter). I mainly work with guides, intranet content, and…

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