• Malecia Walker

    We headline writers did SEO before search engines and before SEO existed.

  • 6 ACES Conference Highlights

    If it’s your first time going to ACES, you gotta blog about it, right? 

  • Sameen Siddiqui

    The one thing that I feel I should have known when taking the plunge into copyediting is the importance of taking professional editing courses from the start.

  • Jevon Bolden

    After 14 years working as an editor for traditional publishers, I started a company and hired myself.

  • Pro Tips from Your Favorite Editors

    Editing is art and science. Editor Knows Best and Outside the Book have curated some tricks of the trade from your favorite word nerds.

  • Perspectives: Rob Reinalda

    Job title: Founder of Word Czar Media, author of Why Editors Drink  Background: Communications Location: Illinois Working with copyeditors As solitary a vocation as editing can be, collaboration is nonetheless crucial. Exchanging ideas and perspectives can enrich all parties. I’ve learned a great deal over the years, from older and younger colleagues, and I’ve tried…

  • Perspectives: Cynthia Leitich Smith

    Job title: Author-curator  Job description: Outreach, developmental writing support, writer mentorship, in-house consultations, and ambassadorship of books and their creators Education: William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communication, The University of Kansas; The University of Michigan Law School Background: Author and faculty member, Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program Location: Texas The…

  • Yateendra Joshi

    Years editing: 30+Job title: Freelance copyeditor and academic trainer Job description: Helps scientists and academics write, publish, and presentLocation: Pune, Maharashtra, India EXPERIENCE What copyediting training have you had?I participated in a 14-week intensive course in editing and publication led by Ian Montagnes, the then editor in chief of University of Toronto Press. This was in…

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